Point La Haye

You're Gonna Wanna Stay...

Eat and Play, you have all day...

The Basque Fishermen of Point La Haye came to this area in the early decades of the sixteenth century, one of the earliest groups of Europeans. They came to prosecute the Newfoundland fishery. Taking advantage of the many protected harbours and good beaches for drying their fish these fearless and independant people established themselves both at St. Mary's and other points along this coast. Pont La Haye is now ascenic attraction along the Irish Loop Touring route. A scenic beach and pond that makes for a spectacular place for a picnic lunch break along the way.

Beach at the point
Picturesque Point La Haye
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never a dull moment surf or turf

a light for wayward seafarers

Hike to the top of Hare Hill what a view of Point La Haye Many types of adventure beckons visitors

Between the Pond and the Bay