Lighthouses on the Avalon Peninsula of Newfoundland Fort Amherst Southside Road St.Johns established in 1811 and has a paved road to acess it.- Cape Spear the most eaterly lighthouse in North America is just South of St. John's on Route 11, this lighthouse was established in 1835, a National Historic Site.-Bear Cove Point at Renews along the Southern Shore along Route 10 established in 1914 you can enjoy a slow bumpy ride out over a gravel road to see it.-Cape Race with its Titanic connection began operation in 1856 and is accessible via a 25 km dirt road just exit off route 10 at Portugal Cove South.-
Pictures of Newfoundland Lighthouses
Powles Head in Trepassy began to light the way for seafares in 1902 and has a gravel road going to it. Cape Pine at St.Shotts was constructed originally in 1851 a short hike will get you right out to it you might even get to see some Caribou.-La Haye Point at Point La Haye off of route 90 has been shining its bright light since 1883 located along Route 90 just look for the Point La Haye sign. Hike the Hare Hill Hiking trail and get a higher vantage of Point La Haye.- Cape St. Mary's has had a light since 1860 just exit off Route 100 and proceed to the Northern Gannet Seabird Ecological Reserve


fishing boat passes by lighthouse at Hearts Content

some lighouses have historic value others are just steel towers

Bell Island Lighthouse
Ferryland Lighthouse
Cape Spear Lighthouse Most Easterly in North America
Cape Race TITANIC connection